Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movie Night.

Last night I took the girls over to Race Pace for movie night. Some of the other guys in the club were there and they showed us the 2009 LSV/KBS kit we'll be wearing this year. Very Nice. Mari picked my name out of the helmet and I won the door prize. Thanks Marc for everything! We watched the movie about Philly Week, one I hadn't seen before.

I hope they do more of these in the future because it was cool talking to guys when they're not wearing tights, helmets and huffing/puffing up hills. Next time I'm bringing some beer!


Kyle Jones said...

Hows it going long time no post. Hope things are well.

John P. said...

Hi Kyle, the riding has pretty much dried up since my wife got her new job. tons of hours. I'm happy for her of course, but the riding is taking a killing since I have to spend time watching kids. I'm still doing the trainer, commuting and riding some when I can. I'll post an entry about it soon though.

Thanks for stopping by and hope your season is going well so far. :)