Friday, August 07, 2009

Time Off The Bike.

After last night's group ride I'm gonna take some time off the bike to try and heal up this knee. I didn't ride overly hard and hung near/off the back most of the evening but something's not right down there. My knee is really freaking sore right now. Blah. Maybe a few days rest will do it some good.


Buzz de Cafe said...

sorry to hear about the knee. getting old sucks. i've been having a decent season, although a guy crossed my wheel and took himself down and me out of the race earlier this week. at least i stayed upright.

John P. said...

This knee thing has been with me since high school. I used to run cross country and track all season with this crappy knee. Unfortunately the only thing I find works for it is time away from running/riding. Blah

Sorry to hear about your crash. It happens unfortunately. I've had a few.

tazio said...

a few?!?