Friday, December 04, 2009

Rider Stocking Stuffers.

While riding yesterday I was thinking of some cycling related things I have or wouldn't mind having to make the long ride that much better. So rather than a left nut of the week I thought I'd do a holiday gift guide instead.

Pull the wool over your eyes.
I'll admit to having some sort of merino wool fetish so it's off to Earth Wind & Rider for one of their Epic Express Jerseys. It's a jersey that would be great to wear for cool weather riding, or just every day stylin around. One thing about it that especially appeals to me is that it doesn't follow the spandex spaceman from planet bikeracer look. Made in the USA of 100% Australian Merino Wool of course.

It's winter, you're gonna need a cap.
Walz Caps out of California manufactures a proper cycling cap for this time of year, meaning it covers your ears. This one is the Wool Ear Flap model. They also offer embroidery services so you can go custom. I'd go custom of course.

Woolie Boolie!
If you find a better sock for riding let me know, because I think the Woolie Boolie by DeFeet is the very best. The guys and gals down in North Carolina truly make a world-class product. Tom Boonen calls them "Really Sexy Socks!" TLR agrees Tomeke.

Pearl Izumi Gloves.
Cold hands suck when riding this time of year. Pearl Izumi fixes all that with their Zephrr Shell glove, and if you want more warmth, insert the Ultra-Liner thin gloves.

Geek Rider.
Garmin might have a few higher end models with a few more features, but price-wise I think the Edge 500 hits the sweet spot. Besides, next year when the Metrigear Vector hits the bike shop near you it's gonna be over the top.

The Rider.
Tim Krabbe's book The Rider is pure gold. I just finished it for a second time the other day. Short enough to read in one sitting. Some of Krabbe's writing in this book is so funny especially for anyone who's ever trained long miles or raced for any length of time. Beg for it, borrow it, or steal it if you have to. Read it!

Yeah Indoor Training Sucks.
Thanks to Global Ride DVD's you can sit on your stinkin trainer and ride some of the most beautiful roads you'll ever see.

Artsy Fartsy on a Budget.
We might not all have Lance's Live$trong money to collect real art, but when you're hammering away on that trainer you can always take a look over at your 2010 Cycling through History calendar to see when all the races you're going to win next year are. As an added bonus, each month's image will be suitable for framing later.

After Ride Refreshments.
The Folks over at New Belgium Brewing make a beer to honor cyclists. Oh there are others out there, but since this is one I haven't tasted yet it's on my list of beers to have. I can't think of a better way to end a ride than a cold beer. You can keep your post-ride electrolyte replenishment mumbo jumbo.

Well there you have it. They are all almost worth a left nut as far as I'm concerned. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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