Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Riding.

Today's weather was one of those perfect spring days; bright sun, deep blue skies, cool but not cold temps and not too much wind. After yesterday's all-day rain with no riding I was more than due to go put a hurtin on myself out on the road. I can't really call what I'm doing these days training, but it's more like riding because I love to ride until I can start training again. Oh, that doesn't mean I'm not in decent enough shape. A little fat though I gotta work on that. The numbers I put up today for this little 30.5 mile loop I do tells me I'm on par with last year at this time, if not a bit faster. I'm not doing any speed work or intervals right now though, it's more like fast riding until I'm tired and happy.

Tonight's Ride: 30.5 miles / 21.2avg mph (Personal Best for this loop) / 1:26:06 / Max Spd 41.6mph I didn't wear my hr monitor. Total for the day 48 miles.

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