Thursday, August 28, 2008

Group Ride Goings On.

Tonight we had a small group riding out of the shop and with the rain, we decided to go a bit shorter than normal. 2hours vs our normal 2.5hours. Every week I tell myself the same thing. I'm going to take it easy this week and hang in the back to catch up with all the gossip and generally just have fun. Of course, that lasts all of about 10 minutes into the ride. Marc will take off up the road and I'll follow like a farm dog chasing cars. I swear these group rides are harder than 90% of the races I did this year. If I really push it on these rides, I can generally hang on in the hills and the flats long enough to get to the wait points up front.

Tonight was different, either my legs just didn't want to go, or Marc was riding extra fast. He dropped me on Caves Road near the top and it took a real effort to catch his wheel on the flats that followed. My new Vittoria Rubino's have ZERO traction on wet hills so I couldn't put any power down to stay on his wheel. That and my legs just didn't have anything tonight. I'm going to spin easy tomorrow to try and recover for an extra long ride over the weekend. I'm still having a tough time getting motivated, but these group rides keep things interesting.

In other news: It's almost here :)

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