Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Not About the Bike, BUT,...

In keeping with the Lance theme, on last night's group ride right after I wondered why I punish myself like this on hills, I asked myself the question; Is it about the bike? After a few minutes of that question rolling around in my alien exoskeleton helmeted head and ogling my riding buddies' bikes, I came to the conclusion that of course it's not about the bike. After all, my 20lb steed gets me through races, group rides, long solo rides, rain, wind, weather, rides with my daughter around the neighborhood and commuting to work. Then I found myself putting a giant Sir Mixalot BUTT on the end.

BUT,... Marc's Pinarello Prince, Eric's Scott Addict, Mike's Cervelo, Mark's Felt, and everyone else's bike but mine sure are perty.

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