Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Day for a Ride.

Today was one of those perfect days for a ride you get once in awhile. Fairly low humidity, not too hot, and sunny. I couldn't sleep this morning so I got up and read some news online at about 4am, then Mae came downstairs soon after and told me she had a bad dream. Her and I kept each other company for awhile until she got tired (bored) again and led me upstairs in the dark. That kid can see in the dark!

Then we got up for real and I made pancakes and bacon for everyone. :)

My Ride: Well, I got a message on my phone from the shop Friday afternoon with a question regarding the new shifters/front and rear derailleur set I ordered so I decided to stop by there first to straighten that out. From there I headed out towards Boring, Maryland. Yeah there's a place called Boring. I'll take boring any day on a ride if it means no traffic and beautiful country roads. From there I weaved my way east towards Falls Road, then back on Caves Road towards home. About 2.5 hours total. I've been feeling really slow on the bike the last week or so for some reason and I'm not exactly sure why. I did see a lot of other riders out there, way more than usual. That's always nice.

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