Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feeling Comfy in the Cold.

I've been camping out on the trainer the last couple weeks (except for back and forth to work some days) and have been dying to get back on the road. I really don't care what anyone says about how great indoor training can be. It just doesn't feel the same to me. I do have some great training videos with hills and intervals to help make the time pass faster though.

Anyway, I got up this morning checked the weather, high of 28 and sunny. Warm enough for me! For Christmas my wife and daughters got me some great cold weather gear. Layers.

  • -Two layers of socks
  • -Sidi Genius (These shoes kick butt!)
  • -Trek thermal tights
  • -My club's shorts
  • -New Balance long sleeve base layer
  • -Trek winter long sleeve jersey
  • -Wool Sweater
  • -Adidas Formotion jacket
  • -Castelli winter gloves
  • -Columbia Gaitor
  • -Anon Hat
  • -Helmet
That should do it! Today's ride was a pretty easy two hours with no really big hills to speak of. I felt great! and more importantly, warm and toasty. I think I could wear the above list down to about 15 degrees with relative comfort. Something I'd like to try would be Thermal shoe covers for the Sidi's.


Buzz de Cafe said...

it's 5F here this morning. Rode to work of course, but my fingertips were numb in my gloves by the time I got there.

I've never found the solution for keeping my feet warm in my Time shoes either. That makes cold-weather riding very unpleasant.

John P. said...

Hi Mike, I haven't been out in that cold here, I don't think it's gotten that cold since I've been here even. I have ridden to work in 15 degree weather though, but then I wear a huge Army coat that keeps me toasty warm.