Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nice Solid Block of Riding.

Yesterday and today were my 5th and 6th straight days of riding with yesterday being a really hard 2 hour ride and today a long steady distance ride of 4:15. I could really feel the hurt out there today after yesterday's ride and it was slow/hard going for the most part with a lot of hills and headwinds for the first half. Luckily the second half had more downhill and level sections with some nice tailwinds. Between 40 and 50 miles I averaged over 23mph. Yeah the tailwind helped.

Prawn Mee! When I got home the house smelled incredible with dinner almost ready. My wife tried her hand at Prawn Mee for the first time. It's a labor intensive noodle soup originating from China and perfected in Malaysia. She nailed it! The only other place I've had good Prawn Mee in the USA has been at the many Penang Restaurants here on the East Coast. Hers might be better!


KMAX said...

Don't you remember the old elementary school rule; if you bring something in you should bring enough to share with everyone?

I think in this case we should say if you blog and brag about it this much you really ought to be sharing!

I'm always impressed at how much you manage to get out there and ride, even on the bad days when things just aren't stacking up in favor. Keep it up and you'll have a season to write home about no doubt.

John P. said...

Consider yourself invited the next time! :p

Riding: I'm trying something a bit different this year. I'm going to do more longer 4+ hour rides instead of the short faster stuff I did last year. At least this time of year.