Friday, January 08, 2010

Cleaning the Bike.

The bike was looking really crusty so after dinner my 7 year old Daughter and I set about cleaning it up and going over the few little functional issues it's been having the last couple weeks. Well after a good wash, tightening up some stretched cables, and minor derailleur adjustments it's ready to go again and looking almost new.

I'm not sure if she genuinely likes to wash the bike or just wants to spend some quality time with her Dad, but I'm not complaining either way!

Riding: I didn't ride the trainer tonight. Taking a day off after some hard intervals last night.


Rob said...

I need my kids to clean my bike also. LOL. I also need to learn how to adjust my cables etc on my bike as well so I do not always need to take it to the shop for a tune up. Thank goodness I get free tune up or else it would cost me a fortune!

John P. said...

LOL! Yeah it's a great perk to having kids. If you have enough, one will take an interest in cleaning your bike. haha