Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economy Be Damned! I Want.

Belt drive on a single speed bike is a no brainer to me. I've been wanting one since I bought my belt drive Harley back in 1992. Trek finally has one. Too bad it's almost as expensive as a Harley.


Buzz de Cafe said...

nice--but too pricey for a fixie. (Actually, is this belt drive bike fixed or freewheel?) My fixie is built on an old fuji steel frame; the whole thing, wheels, frame and all, was $300; I've commuted on it for about 10 years, and beat the living shit out of it. It is one ugly, beaten-on, beautiful ride. I like the "ooooo" factor of the belt drive--just let me know when it's $300.

John P. said...

I imagine it's freewheel and not a real fixie, and yeah, even at $300 they are pushing it for me. $250 in the bargain bin and I might pull the trigger. I just like the way it looks and belt drives are great, light, clean, and LONG lasting.