Monday, September 29, 2008

Riding Withdrawal.

I sit here eating my lunch getting fat, homemade chili and a spinach salad (delicious by the way), and I haven't ridden my bike since last Tuesday. I'm gonna blame work, rain and this pathetic socialist bailout scheme being forced down our throats by partisan hacks in la-la land, but truthfully I guess it's mostly burn-out from a long season of training and racing. I haven't even commuted to work by bike in a long time.

Time to buck up and refocus!


Buzz de Cafe said...

my commute ain't much (one mile!), but it's better than nothing. There is even a little bump in the road to go over.

I did high-intensity intervals indoors on saturday, then 40+ miles outdoors sunday--got caught in a downpour for the last 30 minutes or so. But soon, it'll be indoor training time. ugh. After a week or two break, of course.

"Socialist bailout scheme"? On the contrary, the bailout scheme is as corrupt crony capitalist as you can get: Privatize the profits, socialize the costs. If they wanted to go socialist, they could nationalize the banks--then taxpayers might actually get something on their investment. (This will hapen shortly after the first annual Hell Snowball Fight Championship.) As curently structured, however, the bailout looks like a big gift to our financial overlords, with no strings attached.

John P. said...

But we wouldn't be here if the banks would've been allowed to only give loans to people that actually deserved them and could pay them back.

Instead we got Govt. backed crap loans given to anyone breathing in the name of "fairness"

Now you and I will be paying off these loans, how's that for Socialism?

John P. said...

Intervals? wow, you are hard-core. I think I'm down to about 40 watts maximum output right now.