Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cold Rain.

Got caught in the rain tonight while riding. Not just any rain, but buckets of water, rivers up to the axle, soaked to the bone rain. I stopped under the overhang at an auto-parts/beauty shop/florist combo to throw out my surely ruined phone and found it actually still worked. I called my wife to come get me, waited, then listened to 20 minutes of bitching about hydroplaning cars, blindness, weather.com, too much riding, and the wonders of taking a bus in Singapore over this. Yeah, I know. Ahhh happy happy joy joy.

Anyway, I still got a good hour + of riding in before all that happened. Plus side? The Hutchinson Tubeless Road Tires on my new Dura-Ace wheels didn't slip one bit. Yay!!!


Chrispy said...

The lesson to be learned here is never call your wife to pick you up in the rain. :)

John P. said...

Aint that the Truth! I'd rather ride through a blizzard in the dark than go through that again.

Buzz de Cafe said...

another lesson: carrying a cell phone on a solo ride is bad luck.