Monday, September 29, 2008

Ridin into the Sunset.

Tonight I headed out into the Hunt Valley/Oregon Ridge area north of Baltimore where there are probably more horses and cows than people. Ideal for riding. With darkness coming long before 8pm now I had to ride fast. I even took the camera along to get some pics of the new bike but I was feeling too good to stop so there aren't any. From where I'm typing this I can see the trainer, yuck. I'm not looking forward to getting back on there.

Oh, a side note. Lance said he's at 168 lbs right now in an interview on He and I are about the same height so it feels good that I'm lighter than he is at the moment. :) All of a sudden I don't feel so fat. Now if I can just work on getting some (even a little) of his speed.


Buzz de Cafe said...

dude, if i got down to 168 lbs I'd look like a famine victim. I'm trying to drop 10-15 to get down around 180, which ought to be a good weight for me. The important thing is not to put the weight on this winter, like i do every winter.

I think fewer potato chips may be the answer.

John P. said...

LOL. I think you might be on to something with those potato chips. I switched to pretzels and it made all the difference in the world. I like the sourdough ones from Utz and Snyders.