Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bite Me.

There are many theories and much heated debate (ok, maybe not) over the ever-present medal biting phenomenon, but some of my favorites are these.
  • The custom is a Freudian reversion to oral stimulation after the stress of competition.
  • Romantic observers believe a kiss is not enough to show affection for the medal and a love bite is better.
  • I finally won! Now I can eat whatever I want without worrying about my weight all the time.
  • This thing feels way too chintzy to be real gold.
Hmm, I'm tending to believe the Freudian theory now that I think about it.


Buzz de Cafe said...

"Must . . . restore . . . depleted minerals . . . "
"How do you get the chocolate out?"
"Everyone else does it."

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