Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hoegaarden at the Beergarden.

InBev may be taking over the beer world in large chunks at a time, but one good part is that we get to go down to our local beergarden and have Hoegaarden on tap. I gotta say as a guy who rides his bike every now and then, it's kinda cool having a beer from Flanders. Drink enough of them and it's almost like I'm there doing this.

As far as the Hoegaarden beer goes, let's just say I could easily drink the stuff all night and that's exactly what I did Friday at the Tavern down the street. A white beer from the Flanders region of Belgium and the town of Hoegaarden. It has a really refreshing taste with hints of citris and spice. The color is a very pale yellow, a bit cloudy even and a very bright white head. I'll have it again for sure, especially when the spring classics make their way through this region.

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