Saturday, November 08, 2008

So What is it Really Like?

They say your home is where your heart is. I just finished reading A Dog in a Hat, by Joe Parkin and it seems to me that Joe's heart and home belong in some nondescript town in Belgium racing a kermis in wind, rain and cold at over 50km/hr. This book is about Parkin's quest to become a professional bike racer in Europe and how he went about doing exactly that. Reading it, I could feel a sense of melancholy in his words, probably brought on by the weather. There is much happiness to be found here too and I get the feeling Joe is, and should be, very proud of what he accomplished in some amazingly difficult situations. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone by going into details, but it's a page turner.

I only have two words for riders out there looking for something to read. READ IT!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the book! If you're interested in other VeloPress books, please be in touch.

Dave Trendler

John P. said...

Dave, It's a good one. I have the Paris Roubaix book and Bobke II, I think those are velopress books also if I recall. Great reading.