Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I F'n Amuse People!

I wear a creepy helmet and shoes that sound like stilettos as I walk down the hall (as quietly as possible) towards my office each morning. All along the way, people pass me in the hall and comment how cool it is that I ride my bike to work. I think it is kinda cool also, but enough already. Now if I rode my skateboard, or hitchhiked to work every day that would be something to talk about.

But I'm only a bicycle commuter damnit! No offense to anyone who might read this. I'm just thinking the novelty of it all should have worn off by now. It's been months.

Today's Training: 2 hours, One on the Road, and One on the Trainer. It's still not light late enough to get the time I need out on the road in the evening, especially when I have to work late.

P.S. The f'n amuse line was Pesci's from Goodfellas, a very good movie. I know, that pic is from a different movie, but he looks tough in this one.

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Wire said...

Hey John,

I get that too when I used to ride to office. The only difference is that my colleagues thought I was crazy. It's crazy to ride in Singaporean roads now especially during peak hours. Drivers seems to feel a sense of achievement overtaking cyclists. Singaporean drivers sucks. The road conditions, traffic fumes and crazy drivers stopped me.

Keep riding man!

Maybe I might start my trip at 5am instead...