Monday, March 31, 2008

All of a Sudden I'm Unhuggable?

Note of Caution: I didn't write all of this blog entry. My daughters jumped in halfway through to add their four cents.

Today was kinda rainy so I decided to go to the gym instead of ride at home or in the rain. It was packed with people, as usual. I have been riding on the road and at home for awhile now so there hasn't been a chance to weigh myself. I was kinda scared to get onto the scale after what's been several weeks of beer drinking and eating way too much over the Easter Holiday. (Thanks Mom and Huey for the Great Food, and Tony for the Great Beer)

Anyway. I got on the scale and I'm 6 lbs. less than I was the last time I weighed myself. That was surprising. I'm inching ever closer to my ideal weight. But, there's a downside. My daughter Mari told me tonight that I'm not as huggable as I was when I was plump and made a better pillow before. This, from a girl who is as thin as a supermodel. Boney. Oh well. I'll still steal hugs when I can get them.

Oh Great! Mae, my other daughter, just said I'm not bouncy enough to my huggable question. They'll just have to get used to it. I'm not going back to the days of big pants.

Tonight's Workout: 15 minutes on the track warming up. 15 minutes rowing. 35 minutes of intervals on the bike. 1 minute fast, 4 minute rest, repeat. I felt a bit sluggish on the bike and had a hard time pushing 100rpm at really high tension for the one minute hard part. 5 minutes of rowing again. 30 minutes on the elliptical. 100 minutes total.