Monday, December 01, 2008

All That is Good Racing.

Sounds like Red Rose Races has risen from the ashes and will be back in 2009 under the All That is Good banner. I got this email from Rich Rouff last night. I guess you can look for a list of races for next year soon! I wish Rich the Best of Luck!

From Rich Ruoff,

Hello Friends, associates and people who have no memory of me.

This is my new email address. Please disregard all previous email addresses. I will use this address for my personal and business emails.

By new business is "All That is Good". Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, All That is Good replaces Red Rose as the preeminent promoter of the best series of epic bicycle road races in the U.S.A. From the Tour de Ephrata to the Tour of Lancaster County and many more Super one-day road races look for a fantastic 2009 season and beyond.

We're not afraid of the economy. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. All That is Good will create it's own economy! Check out our new website at

If you received this email and have no recollection of having ever met me or dealing with me, my apologies. I have developed quite the contact list over the years. Just hit delete.

Richard Ruoff,
Director of All That is Good.

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