Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Boys Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do?

The weather here was warm for this time of year so I went out for a late ride and finished in the dark. The rush hour traffic was bad, but the bonus for me was a good draft behind big trucks and slow moving cars. It sounded like WWIII down at the Marriottsville shooting range. Nice to see people are practicing for the coming Armageddon, though I think I heard #8 shot rushing through the tree branches overhead. A little close for comfort.

I stayed in the big ring up over the hill at Patapsco and pushed hard until I hit the rollers on the other side of the railroad tracks past the Korean Christian Church. I wonder what the characters say on the side of the building?

It was pretty uneventful from there until I got back on Liberty at Eldersburg. Liberty is nice because it's about 4 miles of steady downhill all the way to the Reservoir. I can really get moving here. At Georgetown I ran through a yellow light that turned red just as I went under it. I had a bad feeling, and sure enough flashing lights came up beside me and screamed for me to pull over. I stopped on Ridge road and pulled the bike up over the curb and in front of a Christmas Tree place. The skin-headed cop proceeded to scream at me about the dangers of riding stupid to which I agreed completely with before he left me go on my way. He's right and I was stupid. It looked like some lame scene out of the Cops tv show.

From there it was a mad dash to home. Just your average everyday ride. 2 hours of riding which puts me up to about 10 for the week.


tazio said...

yeah except he didn't throw you to the ground four times for the tv cameras

John P. said...

Don't think I didn't notice his well worn yet conspicuously shiny jackboots. They looked ready for bidness!

I'm reformed now though. I have complete respect for our local security force.