Monday, December 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again.

It was nice getting back on the road for some quality time with my bike after a wild Christmas feeding frenzy. We went home to my parents and spent a couple days culminating in a little dinner for 30 Saturday night. The car was completely loaded down with gifts on the way home yesterday. The girls made out like bandits. It was non-stop gift opening for those two. Mae got a new bike and Mari got a new iPod. She's listening to ABBA as I type this. Mama Mia. Some things just don't change. Yeah, I know you liked ABBA when you were a kid. I won't tell anyone.

Today's Ride: 4 hours, All pretty easy with few 20 minute harder efforts thrown in. I got to wear my new hat, gloves, socks, tights and long sleeve jersey. A real bike-shop cowboy out there.

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