Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bike Jam/Kelly Cup.

Today was my first trip down to Baltimore's Annual Bike Jam/Kelly Cup event. My Wife, Daughters and I volunteered to help track set-up, which for us basically involved me getting up early to make buttermilk pancakes for the girls, out of house by 6:30am and off to B-More for posting signage around the perimeter of the course. I gotta say, the course, a 1 mile loop, looks fun to race on. Maybe next year I'll try to get in on the fun.

We watched the Cat 5/Junior/Masters 50+/Masters 40+/Women's Cat 3/4 races. Competition looked strong all around. The race announcer, though pretty good, got a kick out of picking on Cat 5 Racers. Damn we can't get a break! The kids were getting hungry so we didn't stick around for the Pro race and the Cat 3 and 4 Men's Races. I would have liked to.

Training: This last week has been hit and miss as far as training goes. We had two bad weather days so I missed out on some quality road work. Overall I was still able to do somewhere over 10 hours of riding, so all is not lost. On today's ride I felt a bit sluggish so I did a fairly easy 2hours. This week I'll start to taper after a really hard Tuesday ride. Race weekend coming up. :)

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