Monday, May 19, 2008

Keeping it in Perspective.

On today's bike ride into work, I was thinking more about my last post and staying focused. That brought me around to also thinking how insignificant it is in the grand scheme of things. With Earthquakes in China and Typhoons in Burma, spending time thinking about it at all seems a bit silly sometimes.

On the other hand, life goes on with our without us, and I think we should all aspire to be at least content in whatever we do, no matter what that whatever happens to be. Who knows what tomorrow brings? For example, A meteor could end it all pretty quickly for the parasites on earth we call humans. "Global Warming" wouldn't mean much if that happened now would it? The earth would go on spinning happily, warming AND cooling a few thousand more times like it has in the past, for a few more billion years and never miss us. Not to mention. there's a huge percentage of the population (spooky yeah I know) that actually believes 2012 will be the end. LOL

If we can put a smile on another person's face once in awhile, that's a bonus. We only go around once, and it sure beats being miserable all the time, so I'm gonna keep riding a bit, have some fun, and try not to impose my will on too many others while I'm here.

OK, I feel much bit better now. Blabbering over.

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