Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool Stuff.

The images released this week of that previously unknown tribe got me thinking. Yeah, I know,... don't go there.

1. Chances are, they knew about us or saw us even though we didn't know about them. Planes fly over pretty much everywhere, the rainforest, and yes even places like Kansas.

2. They value their way of life and society enough to defend it, with Bows and Spears if necessary. Both highly lethal weapons I might add.

3. Is their way of life worth protecting?

4. Is our own way of life. family if you will, worth protecting? Will we defend it when we have to?

5. Is it human nature to want to protect your way of life. They haven't been "Corrupted" by the rest of us yet seemingly would try.

6. Bright Red Paint on the Men, Black on the Woman. What does that say about us exactly?

7. Topless Native Women will ALWAYS be in fashion.

OR, they're just hungry and want to gig the giant bird flying overhead.

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