Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Useless, Yet Curiously Addictive Info.

Since this is my blog and I can post whatever I want on it no matter how lame, I went and cut/paste a pic of something I just stumbled upon this morning over at usacycling.org. They have RANKINGS! Now, let's analyze the data and see if there's anything useful in the numbers:

Rank in your Zip Code: 1. Yay!!!! I'm the fastest Cat 5 racer in my hood. Hey, it's nice to be number 1 someplace. I'm hoping to hold onto this crown, at least until my daughter is old enough to race when she turns 13. All I can say is people must be damn slow in my neighborhood or something.

Rank in your State: 9. Hmmm, I can't believe there's only 50 Cat5 Road Racers registered in whole state of Maryland.

Rank in your Riding Age: 9. Again, but this nationwide. This must mean all the other old guys racing have kept their licenses current over the years, unlike me, and are Cat 4 or better. Would've been cool if they had computers back when I was racing for stuff like this.

Rank in your Age Range (5 Years): 31. See Above.

Rank in your Age Range (10 Years): 53. See Above.

Overall Rank: 161. I've got nothing left to squeeze out of the numbers. There are about 2000 Cat5 Riders listed in the USA. At least I'm not at the bottom there. Hmm, I was ranked 167 earlier. Guys must have done really poorly last night, or got upgraded. Whoo!

Oh yes, I'm gonna be checking that page often from now on, especially after races I don't get blown off the back.

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