Saturday, May 31, 2008

Millport Race Recap.

Rain, Lightning, Thunder and a Tornado warning were the highlights of the Cat 4/5 Millport Road Race for me today. First they shortened the race from 9 to 8 laps, I think, then stopped the race midway due to a Tornado Warning in the area. The rain was going sideways so two of my teammates decided to head for home.

I was about to leave when a race official came by the car and said we'd be restarting in 30 minutes. I quickly text messaged my teammates to get their asses back to no avail. Restarting! These old bones of mine don't like restarting, but I went and changed back into my grungy and soaking wet kit and got back to the starting line.

Now, about half the field of over sixty had gone home, so I got a good spot at the front of the line. Well now the organizer says we are going to race for 2 laps. A Sprint! This is so not me, this course is almost flat, perfect roads, wet, with two tiny hills. It's definitely a sprinters course. The first lap was kinda slow, Good Thing for me! But that didn't last. It got freaking fast on the second lap. I wanted to stay in the front for when it happened. Sure enough, on a corner, three guys got a gap on 5 of us. The rest of the field totally blew apart behind us. On the false flat in the back of the course we just couldn't reel them in. It was a brilliant move on their part and not such a good move on ours but that's racing.

The gap stayed at about 5 seconds to the finish. I started my sprint too early and got edged out by inches at the line by a Squadra Coppi guy and a well timed bike throw by a Dutch Wheelman. 6th place for me. I got a sound thrashing by my wife and daughter at the finish for seemingly giving up before the finish line. Oh well.

Side Note: AMB Timing was there with a fork mounted timing system. They worked flawlessly, our results were at the finish line within a few minutes, at most. I know some guy that these would've been great for at RFK and the Kelly Cup.

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