Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Freak'n Broken Neck Update.

I took this week off work and this is what I get. Damn!

It's been 3 days of no riding now with Excruciating neck pain. Can't Walk, Can't Turn, Can't Lay Down, Can't Sleep, Can barely open my mouth to eat,... I say barely, because I'm eating like a pig. Ice Cream, Beer, You name it.

Today I'm finally getting a bit better I think. I can stand up and sit down without help. I even laid down a bit earlier with not much discomfort. This Totally Sucks. My brother Dan thinks it's Stress related. I think it's just some weird freak training accident that happened while out riding. I did pretty well over 100 miles on the weekend.

Anyway, I think I turned the corner. A couple more days of no riding and taking it totally easy and I'm hoping it'll work itself out. I haven't had any real time off the bike since January so I doubt it's doing much damage to my riding. It could even be helping at this point in the season. We'll see.

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Kyle Jones said...

Dude that sucks. Last week I slept wrong and could not look over my left shoulder. I could look right fine without a problem but when I went to look left I couldnt. Just real stiff and I rode like a squirrel when ever I tried. Hope you feel better soon.