Friday, July 04, 2008

Thanks Al Gore.

I'm having my morning coffee right now on this July 4th and am thinking of all the ways I'm grateful for the USA. As far as I know, it's the best country on earth for a complete idiot the average Joe to make something of himself and live pretty comfortably doing what he "wants" to do rather than what he "has" to do. Going all the way to the top sometimes, changing the world even. Whether it's throwing a little round ball through a hoop, dropping out of school and starting a computer company, or even making up stories about drowning polar bears and getting enough sheep to listen. It's just wonderful! I mean that.

Alright, to bring this post around to cycling. I have to give a special thanks to Al Gore for creating the internet. You see, back when I was a kid falling in love with bicycle racing for the first time, getting news on European bicycle racing was about as hard to come by as Chinese food in Fargo, North Dakota. It just didn't happen. That is, until my mom drove me to Radio Shack with the money I earned working on my Uncle's dairy farm bailing hay. I picked up a spiffy new shortwave radio for one reason, to listen for Tour de France updates!

Every night I would tune into the BBC world sporting news update at 6:45pm to hear the results from the tour and other big races throughout Europe. I remember thinking that if I could just learn French, I bet I could listen to it live on that little radio also.

Fast-Forward to today with Satellite TV and Internet streaming races live from points all over the world right into my living room. Think about that for a minute, compared to just a few short years ago where we've come.

Thank you America. Thank you Al Gore!

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