Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tour de France Day Off.

Have you ever wondered what they do on their day off? Wonder no more as I've got a scoop that at least one team (Caisse d'Epargne) uses their day off with paintball wars. Here's Valverde and his custom made Pinarello mini-tank. When we caught up with Alejandro this morning he was getting ready to battle against the Schleck brothers in their Cervelo Panzer (they ride together, how cute!) and George Hincapie in his Pershing.

The Schleck brothers were in the middle of an argument as to who should drive so we headed over to the Caisse d'Epargne encampment for a statement instead.

Alejandro had this to say. "Some guys go out clubbing, but since Tom Boonen isn't here the disco scene kinda lost it's allure, and let's face it, discos in France are still stuck on ABBA. In Spain we are more into Tiesto Shakira Remixes. So,... we brought our paintball tanks along for the tour. Plus, this gives me a chance to get back some of what I lost out there on the road the last few days."

I never tried paintball myself, but this sounds like fun.

Results Update: It's 9:16PM local time in France and it looks as though Jens Voigt, forgoing the mini-tank for a paintball blowgun and fighting totally nude except for team CSC/Saxo Bank Camo bodypaint has won the 2008 paint wars battle. "It was tough, but after 8 hours, Bernie finally threw up the white flag." said Jens. Bernard Hinault couldn't be reached for comment, but vowed he'd return next year to "take back the title." The mostly French crowd of spectators was nonetheless proud of Hinault, as he lasted longer against the German than all of France did during WWII.

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