Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Ride Lots" - Eddy Merckx

I was just reading Kyle's post on weight and training and found the blog entry and especially the comments pretty good, some a bit uncomfortable even. Check it out if you get a chance. That made me think of my own training plan for next year and how it's going to differ slightly from this year's plan. I happen to think I've done more right than wrong as far as my own riding (the racing not so much) this year so the it won't be that different. How can I possibly judge the plan's relative success? Easy. I'm still riding and it's almost August. Most of it's been based on the Chris Carmichael and Ed Burke books I bought last winter. They tend to have a pretty good practical approach for guys like me juggling a job and family as well as riding/racing, yet give me some focus I haven't had since my running days.

The most important part of it all? It's riding a bike. If you can't have fun doing that, don't bother.

Today's Ride: Friday's are generally my really easy recovery ride day. I ride for fun on Fridays or don't ride at all sometimes. It's the best training ride of the week.

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