Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Night

Remember back in college when Thursday nights were reserved for PARTAY at the Frat Houses? Bah! I was too busy racing bikes and running back then for parties. Ok maybe a few.

Well, now my Thursdays are for group rides with the team, and some guys from other teams. It was a great night for a ride. One guy went down and banged up his brake lever, but other than that it was cool. I got to ride with a new guy (to me) named Chris that has one heck of a strong TT style. It seems like he can just pull and pull and pull.

I tried some jumps on the hills and a couple sprints tonight. Overall, a great ride.

Racing Update: It seems like a bunch of guys are racing up in PA this weekend, Good Luck! I'll be busy training on some SERIOUS mountains for a change back home in PA, it'll be my last chance to get 2, or 3 days of long sustained climbing in for awhile.

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