Monday, July 07, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Badger!

Anyone who's been a fan of the tour and bicycle racing long enough knows who that guy is on the right up on the podium since, well, forever. That's right, Bernard Hinault (The Badger) really earned his keep today at the tour. Notice the pencil neck geek trying to make some sort of statement up on the podium in the first pic. Then, notice how The Badger jumps on the scene layin down the most aggressive bouncer move I've ever seen on the poor punk.

Greg LeMond's exploits back in the day just earned more of my respect after witnessing this smackdown. Imagine racing against that day-in day-out. No,... You don't mess with the Badger!


Chrispy said...

I miss the epic Hinault/Lemond battles. Will cycling ever reach that height again?

John P. said...

I'm afraid that the era of Lance, rider radios, science to the nth degree, general doping awareness and how riders train for specific races rather than trying to win all the time like Bernard Hinault and Merckx have definitely taken some of the magic out of racing.

It's still a great sport, but it's different now. I hope we get another Hinault type rider someday that blows the whole scene wide open. Lance was good, but he was no Hinault.

Chrispy said...

I need to find the video tape of the '86 tour that I have in a box somewhere. :)

Cycling has gone all techno-geek.