Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Ride in the Country.

The last day of vacation, hmmm.

What a vacation right? I get two great days of riding in then a week of robot walking with some weird neck injury. I'm not gonna complain too much though. Time off work with no plans is a great vacation in my book. I did have to promise to make it up to Huey with a "proper" vacation later in the year some time. Hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me. Anyway, my neck feels great now. Just in time to head back to work. Yippee.

Last day. So what do I do? After watching the tour on the computer I went for a ride of course. It must've rained just before I left home because I got soaking wet out there on the road. Today's ride was hills, hills, and more hills. The hills north of Baltimore aren't long, but they make up for it somewhat in steepness and quantity. It's all up and down around here if you know where to look. So I did 2.5 hours in the hills.

Last day.

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