Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 Hour Ride, Negroni Finish.

As I type this, my fingers and toes are tingling from the Negroni based dinner I had after my ride tonight. You see, the girls are in PA for a much needed summer vacation, so we are living large here on the back deck, grilling steaks, fresh garden picked esparagus and drinking exotic concoctions. Negronis!

I will blame the influence of Pez for the Negroni fixation this week. I gotta say, they are a nice way to end a day. Not to mention, after riding hard they are quite refreshing.

Anyway. 2 hours riding, fairly easy. Tomorrow is another hard day.


Calvini said...

Hey, I had my first negroni this week also!

Strange flavor, I think. Pez must get $ from Campari.

Not bad, but I'm sticking to beer and accelerade jello shots.

My first race back from collarbone snappage is gonna be in August--what's your racing schedule?

John P. said...

Hope the collarbone is healing nicely there. Nice to hear it didn't put you off racing.

I have nothing going on in August except for a 100mile charity ride at my sister's in Cleveland so far.

Racing: I have the Giro d'Coppi scheduled for July and nothing beyond that. Do you have any ideas or races I should Consider? I want to CAT up before the end of the season if I can.

Negronis: I'd prefer it a bit less strong and will dilute it a bit next time, but I enjoyed the flavor. I guess I'm a wuss.

Calvini said...

Try Page Valley August 23rd. 53 miles for CAT IV.