Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bangin on Drums.

I was just strumming my guitar and thought about my old crappy drum set that spent so many years gathering dust in my parents garage along with my old racing bikes. That reminded me of a particular drum set I thought was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. So I took a walk over to the Premier Drums website and can you believe it, they make a Keith Moon Pictures of Lilly Re-Issue set. They call it Spirit of Lilly, but it's just like the original.

I would get in so much trouble with the neighbors if I had this thing. Funny how he set his tom-toms so flat when he played in those days.


Chrispy said...

I like the supports off the back of the bass drums. He needed those for how aggresively he played. It's interesting too that he never used a hi-hat in those days. I read somewhere that even when he did have a hi-hat in his kit it was just to make noise because he never used the pedal. His feet were always on the bass drums.

John P. said...

His style would never support that soft pansy hi-hat sound. He literally assaulted his kit and left it for dead at the end of a show.

Chrispy said...

The only song where I recall hi-hat is Who Are You. And then he left the cymbals closed.