Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's Up with Robbie?

Robbie is a pretty fine sprinter. In fact, most of the time he doesn't need no stinkin lead-out. He can do it alone. I do wonder what he has against Switzerland though. After his stage win yesterday (Update: He won again today), he called the Tour organizers F'in this and that, and even the country itself wasn't spared from his wrath. Cancellara, a guy who never sides with his fellow riders it seems said Robbie should've been sent home. LOL

Still though, going ape on the tour organizers isn't so nice, but ranting on the country, that's something else. I mean, it's Switzerland, they're neutral after all. Well, unless you count hiding Nazi blood money and Govt. backed trading of nuclear secrets to known terrorist sponsoring states.

Update 2: Today Robbie says he loves Switzerland, Fabian isn't convinced.

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