Monday, June 16, 2008

Jumping "On" the Bus!

Alright, I just can't help it. I'm starting to get the Obama Fever. Are you feeling it? I was sitting here eating a salad during lunch and decided it was time to throw whatever support I can his way. Soooo, as a lowly designer/illustrator, I whipped together this t-shirt design with all proceeds from it's sale going to Obama's old church. They could really use the money now that Obama threw them under the bus like he does everyone else he associates with long enough they've fallen off his bus.

Funny Quote Today - Taken from Gore's Endorsement Party for Obama:

...Obama stoked lasting Democratic anger over the 2000 outcome when he recognized Gore as "the winner of the popular vote for president."

"You remember that," Obama said as the crowd of 20,000 erupted in raucous applause...

Wait a second Barry, didn't Hillary just beat you in the popular vote? My oh my what a short memory you have. Or more likely, you're just plain stupid. Correction, you see your voters as stupid.

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