Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tuesday Night Group Ride.

Monday I went hard, so what was in store for Tuesday? Harder of course. A new guy showed up on a spiffy new IF Crown Jewel. Yow those are sweet bikes. We headed out of Lutherville in grey skies that looked like rain any minute. We picked up some guy in full CSC team kit. I thought (mistakenly) he might've been on the team since he had that fast and lean look. Headed north towards Oregon Ridge, then east into who knows where. Climbed some nice hills, and generally just went fast til my legs were screaming. Throw in some wait time for the stragglers at stop signs and you've got a great interval style workout. Eric is getting in some seriously fast shape. He's got some crazy acceleration snap in his legs.

I noticed something about my riding. After a day off, Sunday in this case, I can go really hard for two days. On the second day of two hard days I feel really slow for the first bit but get feeling better and better as the ride progresses. After two hard days like that I'm pretty burnt, so I'll take it easy today with a slightly harder group ride tomorrow.

Bikereg says Rapho is canceled this weekend. What's up with that? Looks like I won't be racing unless I can find another one somewhere.

10 Minutes after we got done with the ride, the Rain came pouring down in buckets. Perfect timing.

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