Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Every Rose Has it's Thorn!

Effective June 1, 2008 the business of, Inc. has been suspended indefinitely and Rich Ruoff has resigned. As a behind-the-scenes investor in this enterprise I will attempt to liquidate whatever assets Rich turns over (trailer, equipment, etc.) and make restitution to everyone owed money in some proportionate and fair way, but this will take time and Rich’s cooperation. Rich has been a friend and great cycling enthusiast and it’s terribly unfortunate that things snowballed out of control to the point that past debts and current spending overwhelmed the business operations and things simply could not continue. Beginning with the Rapho Road Race™ on Saturday, June 7 all of the 2008 events have been canceled. I am in discussion with Pennsylvania Cycling Association and USA Cycling representatives to find potential answers to the crisis this situation represents for bicycle racing in the Mid-Atlantic region.


David S. Butterworth
Red Rose, Inc.

This bums me out. They had what seemed like an incredible thing going on up there. I hope they can work something out, but it doesn't look good. Great Courses and Great Racing close to home.

Oh Well. If it doesn't make sense financially, they shouldn't do it. Gotta start looking for some races now to finish up my season.

UPDATE: For some reason, this issue is beginning to rub me the wrong way. Now, I know there are costs of doing business and we shouldn't do things for free, especially with the amount of time involved in running such a venture. But,... something smells fishy about this whole thing. Maybe not, but I'm disappointed they couldn't keep this thing going. If they were having problems, they should have posted something on the site, or something. There's a lot of racers in the area that counted on having such quality things going on in their backyard. Maybe more people could've "volunteered" their time? Sorta like we did with Bike Jam. I dunno, I'm just thinking out loud.


Kyle Jones said...

Wow. There goes my back up races right there. Too bad. I think cycling is taking a hit in the slowing economy also. The races are not filling as fast as last year for sure. Just a bummer that a promoter of a lot of races has to bow out.

John P. said...

With fuel costs the way they are currently, you'd think a series that has all of it's races so close together should be able to survive, even in a sluggish economy.

I'm hoping someone steps in to save at least a few of those races on their schedule. Looks doubtful though.

Kyle Jones said...

Btw where did you get this information.

John P. said...

That was an email sent directly to me from Kyle.

Kyle Jones said...

Yeah I went looking for it on their website. I was thinking you probably got emailed it and you did. Cool for passing the info. I was going to do Pen dutch but it looks like I will do the west chester crit.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Dude, the race series was making was canceled because butterworth is an asshole, period.


bicyclenerd said...

I agree with Burt.

Butternut is a tool.

Rich seemed like a good guy.

Something does smell funny.