Thursday, April 03, 2008

Breaker One9! Left Nut of the Week!

Sorry about the CB Lingo, I couldn't help myself, but on seeing the Niner One9 I was thrown immediately back to my childhood and how riding a bike felt like the greatest thing on earth. My mom still tells stories of how that even before I could ride a bike at 4, I was pushing my brother Tony's bike everywhere, including a mile or two to my uncle's dairy farm. That's Freedom. So, my Left Nut of the Week is all about big kid fun!

It's not an overstatement to say that I NEEED a bike like this. For bombing around the trails, riding the neighborhood with my kids, or commuting to work even, the One9 suits me well I think. I'll take one in Orange please?


Chrispy said...

You need to stop featuring stuff like this on your blog. I do have a limited income!

That's a sweet ride! I like the fat tires. Reminds me of a fat tire motorcycle.

KMAX said...

Be careful with the orange selection:

I just got the Jamis Exile 29'er... It is amazing! So simple and fun and exactly as you describe: Riding is the greatest thing on earth!

John P. said...

Fat Cyclist has it all wrong.

Black is a faster color than Red, and White is the new Black, even faster yet.

Kmax, I like that Jamis. I'm gonna go take a test ride. I want a simple fun 29'er! WOOOHOOOOO!

John P. said...

kmax, my local jamis dealer went belly up. where did you get yours?