Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tour de Georgia.

I've been watching the Tour de Georgia on this week and it's been pretty good so far, but I wouldn't put the excitement level at Tour of California levels,... yet. I guess I'm kinda missing Cipollini. Slipstream was impressive in today's TTT. Slipstream is the real deal, a true world-class racing team able to compete with the CSC, High Road and Astana's of the World. We'll see how it goes when the roads start pointing up.

Side Note: Astana ran a competition to guess what their time would be in today's TTT. On they have their time listed as 19.40.27. I sent an entry in yesterday guessing it would be 19.40.12 VERY CLOSE. might be cool if I win the thing.

Tonight's Ride: With riding to and from the start and the group ride itself, I did a pretty hard 45 miles. I'm not sure what the total time was. My legs still didn't feel great, but I managed to hang in there for the most part. I'm still not very good on the hills, but 10 more lbs of weight loss and a little more fitness and I'll get there.

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