Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joining a Club?

There's something that's been on my mind lately that I'll contemplate here in words. Should I join a team/club?

I became a runner, then later a bike racer in large part because I liked the idea of having some personal goals. Sometimes personal goals get in the way of team goals, (Do Cat4's and Cat5'ers have team goals even?) so why mess up someone else's dream with my own? Yeah, I know you can have both within the confines of a team, but,.... The amount of time, (one of, if not our most valuable asset) and the self-inflicted pain running and cycling dish out, are kinda personal also.

Now that I'm riding again, after a huge length of time away from the bike, the question rears it's ugly head once again. It might be kinda cool. Hmm. Should I? Shouldn't I?


KMAX said...

I say why not? My idea of the local racing scene from *most* of the teams is that you go out there and give as much as you like, especially in the 4/5 Cats. Of course this is coming from a guy on probably on one of the most loosely affiliated "clubs" in the region. We roll how we roll and thats about it. Really, I'm just in it for the cool team kit though.

John P. said...

Thanks kmax, yeah I'm thinking along those lines too. Not to mention, I wonder if there's any carpooling going on. Driving to races can get expensive.

GamJams said...

Yeah, you could probably justify joining a club through the economic benefits alone. Pro deals on equipment, no $5 "unaffiliated tax" at race registration, team kits at prices usually well below retail. Not to mention the carpooling (which you mention) and "loaner" benefits. I've seen clubs pass TT aero bars from rider to rider, and I also borrowed a bike box from a teammate recently for a trip to Cali. $Free. Plus a lot of clubs share race winnings, provided that they actually win, and that you actually do something to contribute to it.