Thursday, April 10, 2008

Torker! Left Nut of the Week.

My Left Nut this week is all over this cool retro-tandom from Torker. I generally find tandem bikes almost as dorky as unicycles, which is great, since I also ride a unicycle and Torker sells them too! Here's the marketing shtick pasted directly from Torker's website.

The Bermuda 7 Speed, twist-shifting tandem will offer your family generations of cycling fun with its top-quality components found only on specialty bicycles, comfort saddle and 26” wheels.

Not much to go on there, but what more needs to be said really?

I must be growing up. I originally went to Torker to look at their cool Torker DX MUni, but one wheel is all about me. I can't be selfish now that I'm an old cuss. My only concern is how do I get this thing on my bike rack?

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