Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Group Ride of the Year.

Well, I finally got off my lonely rider ass and did a group ride tonight. My local bike shop Race Pace Bicycles holds a Thursday night training ride. I had no idea what to expect. Riding alone and not doing any races doesn't exactly instill much confidence in one's abilities. Would I get dropped on the first hill? Will they feel sorry for me and wait WHEN I do get dropped?
I showed up at 5:30 just about when they were gonna take off. I figured the group of Kelly Benefits Jerseys were a clue as to where I was supposed to be so I sheepishly introduced myself. Hey, wait just a minute (I thought to myself), these guys seem kinda cool. hmmm.

Anyway, In my haste, I started out with only half a water bottle of water and it was warm out. By the end I was mighty thirsty. To make a long story short. I had a great time. They are fast. Damn Fast. We went about 40 hilly miles on some great roads.  Did I mention they are fast. Ouch. I have a lot of work to do. 

Will I ride with them again if they let me?  You Betcha. Thanks Howard, Marc and the rest of the guys for a good time.

I'm doing my first race in a LOOOOONG time Saturday. My goal is to hang in as long as possible and not try anything stupid. How's that for strategy?


KMAX said...

Sounds about like my race plan. Good luck this weekend!

John P. said...

thanks kmax, good luck with the triathlon.