Monday, February 04, 2008

Cycling and Fashion.

Alright, I'll admit it. I'm inexplicably drawn to fashion. I regularly read the New York Times Fashion and Style section and know far too many names in the fashion industry for my own good. I'll chalk it up to having a career in design and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Sooo, of course, as a guy who happens to ride a bike also, I tend to keep an eye out for what's out there in cycling fashion. Based on how much of it is out there, I'm not the only one (You know who you are). That said, if you happen to catch me out on a ride, you'd never know it. I'm a rolling mismatch of bad taste. This time of year, if it's warm and it's in my closet, I wear it. Layers and layers of this sweater, that t-shirt, whatever I can find.

Now, I said I'm drawn to fashion, but at least 99% of the stuff I see out there in the vast world of lycra I'd never be caught dead in, and it's not like I particularly even care what people think. It's not the design of the clothes themselves, it's the colors. Way too bright and sparkly. Bright colors may have a function. That lady talking on the phone, scolding her kids in the back seat and touching up her make-up in the mini-van while doing 75 in a 45 will probably notice you if you look like this;

One particular brand that's caught my eye lately is etxe ondo. If you know how it's pronounced let me know. So the guy's got Zoolander's Magnum look down cold, or is it Blue-Steel? The girl model is semi-hot and the designs are pretty cool if you ask me. Like I said earlier, it's inexplicable, so I won't bother trying to explain any further. For now,...

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