Monday, February 04, 2008

A Welcome Sign.

Being relatively new to Maryland, I'm still trying to find those great traffic free routes for training on like I used to enjoy back in Pennsylvania. Looking back, I took all of those great roads for granted and wish I had more like that here. It really makes a difference when you aren't dodging tire shredding objects on the side of the road, along with all the cars and trucks. We are all of 4 weeks into the new year, and I've had two flats already, including one this last Saturday only 5 miles into a ride. I picked up some Panaracer Stradius Pro's Saturday to try and cut down on flat tires. We'll see how it goes, but that's a topic for another blog entry.

I'm sure I'll find some of those great roads eventually, especially the further west and north I ride, but in the meantime, those little white on green bicycles like the one in the image above are always a welcome sign when I'm out there hammering away at the pedals. I have to say, Maryland does have a pretty nice network of bike routes, providing a nice wide lane for riding safely, even on some pretty heavily traveled roads. Actually, at this moment, I can hardly think of a better use of my tax dollars than that bicycle lane.


GamJams said...

3 flats on Saturday's ride, including 1 in my 250g thorn-proof tires. That was caused by what looked like a single strand from a derailleur cable poking into the sidewall. Someone told me that it was probably from a steel-belted radial tire, and that all sorts of flat-producing debris like that wreaks havoc on bike tires after heavy rains (like Friday's). The other flats were caused by my own user error.

My usual winter trainer has regular tubes but Conti Gatorskins. Heavier than race tires to be sure, but still not sluggish like the thorny tubes. A good compromise, and no flats so far this year...

John P. said...

I guess the side of the road is where everything ends up, from both the rain, and the cars in the main part of the road.

I've seen those little pieces of the steel belts that car tires have and they do look like they could cause a flat easily.

Both flats I've had so far this year did some major damage to the tire, yet I didn't see either of them coming. I think I'm gonna have to be a bit more careful that's all.

Kyle Jones said...

The time I seem to get flats is when I am riding with other people. It is to make me inconvenience everyone by showing them I do not have a very fast tire changing ability. I just love having 10-20 guys staring at you while you try to change the tire.