Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tired, But the Weather was Amazing!

I did my current favorite loop today out into Howard County, through Sykesville, then back across Liberty Dam towards home. The wind actually felt warm on my face for the first time this year, which was really nice. Unfortunately, my legs didn't feel any where near as good as the rest of me, especially on the hills. I found that it takes me a good 15 miles to start feeling good like my legs have anything in them to give as I get older. I can't hammer the pedals right off the bat like my younger days.

I was also kinda surprised the mental hospital patients weren't out and about in the one section of my ride when I pass through there. They are always up for a hearty "How's it Goin!" when I pass them sitting on the park benches along the road.

Also kinda surprising was the lack of other riders out on the road. I only saw two other guys, and one of those was a guy in jeans and a backpack on an old mountain bike. I did get out a bit late so that might've been the reason.

Totals: 2 hours: 40 miles.

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