Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Much For the Perfect Season.

Way to to Giants! I don't like you as a team, but it was sooooo nice seeing the Patriots lose.


Chris said...

Everyone talks about the New England dynasty..... There has been 3 Super Bowl champions since the last time New England has won. Seems to me like their dynasty was over 3 years ago.

For them to have a dynasty, they must establish a running game with a back that can consistently rush for 100 yards a game. Everyone knows you need that to win the big game. Why does everyone choose to ignore that and label them a dynasty? They are close but still so far away.

Bill Bellycheck showed his true colors by leaving the field before the game was over. What a sore loser and a disgrace to the Giants.

John P. said...

There has never been a New England Dynasty. That's just the figment of the ESPN fanboy's imagination. Also, it was easy to see the Giants had WAY more fans than the Pats at the game. The Patriots have a long way to go before they win many converts over outside the New England area.

As far as Belicheck. I think he showed yet again that he's pretty much a classless guy. Running up scores all year after he got caught cheating, now this. Also. someone needs to put him on a diet. He's looking HUGE!