Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting in Line

Tonight I headed over to the gym with the girls and it's still crowded with the New Year's Resolution crowd. I think it's great and all that they are trying, but now there's a line for the only two bikes they have with power meters. In the meantime, I extended my stretching and warm-up to 45 minutes, mostly at the insistence of my older daughter. I wish I was as flexible as her. In fact, she's taken to doing the Frankenstein stiff man walk when she sees me struggling to touch my toes. I have to admit though, I miss the company when they don't come to the gym with me even though it must be incredibly boring for them.

Today's Workout: 15 minutes stretching, 30 minutes FAST walk on the track to warm up, 45 minutes on the bike, I felt really good after yesterday's rest and did 650 calories for the first 30 minutes and spun a bit easier but still kinda hard the last 15. 17.5 miles total, I got kicked off the bike after that by some guy, 30 minutes and 640 calories on the elliptical.

I'm really hoping the weekend is dry enough to get some real miles in out on the road.

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